Business Growth


When a company is growing, there are many considerations to make, not least how the business growth will be financed.

Growth usually requires investment in infrastructure, expanded inventory levels, additional staff wages and marketing, in addition to further fixed costs associated with leasing extra premises to cars for new salespeople.

Negative Cash Flow

If your business has built up considerable cash reserves you are not likely to be researching an invoice finance specialist, so like the majority of the UK's 2 million or so enterprises without vast cash reserves to fund your growth, we can help so please read on.

Very few businesses can secure advance orders and additional sales without first investing in new sales people, marketing, or other resources.

As a leading source of invoice financing options we can assist your business growth by unlocking the cash tied up in your invoices and advancing it to you to fulfil those new orders, without delay to your business or detriment to your cash flow.

Funding from Factoring Finance not only removes the frustration of waiting out your normal customer invoice terms of 30, 60, 90 days but it also grows as your business grows.

Our Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting services unlock your cash flow with up to 90% of invoice value advanced to you some 24-48 hours after you invoice your customer, with the balance (less the fees) paid when your customer pays some 30,60 or 90 days later.

Combination of Invoice and Asset Based lending

We’re also experts at unlocking the hidden value of your assets too. Whilst for most businesses, Debtor balances are often the largest asset on a balance sheet, sometimes representing 2-3 months sales, some businesses do have considerable non-debtor based assets.

By combining Invoice Finance with an Asset Based Lending facility many businesses are able to free-up anything from £50,000 to £10m or more, tied up in stock, plant and machinery or property and become more lean and able to fund growth.

With our UK wide, independent finance broker network, Factoring Finance are also able to source Import Finance and Export Finance options to take care of customers with overseas trading operations.