Commercial Mortgages


High street banks and building societies were never necessarily the best place to start looking for commercial mortgages even before the availability of credit started drying up.

Post recession, the major banks have in addition to tightening up their lending criteria, priced their services to the point where most small business can ill afford them. Excessive security demands and interest rates are not uncommon.

In such uncompromising times it is more worthwhile locating a specialist lender who understands the specific needs of your industry. We can help you find such a lender and our independence means that we are not promoting our own products. The major banks are not independent and if a better deal exists in the market, for your business, they are not compelled to tell you.

Using a broker

Our role is to help you to find the best commercial mortgage to suit your needs, giving you impartial advice on products, and steering you through the mortgage application process. Once you have successfully obtained your mortgage, we can monitor the market to make sure you are getting the best deal.