Invoice Discounting


Release the cash tied up in your outstanding sales invoices with our Invoice Discounting solution

Invoice Discounting is a similarly effective and flexible commercial finance solution using your invoices as the security. As with invoice factoring, up to 90% of the invoice value can be advanced within 24 hours. The only difference between Factoring and Discounting, is in the collection of the outstanding invoices.

Unlike with factoring, invoice discounting packages give you the finance facility and unlock the cash tied up in your invoices, but then subsequently leave you to chase and collect any payments for those outstanding invoices.

Whilst many businesses are happy to handover the invoice collection element, some firms, (especially ones with extensive in-house accounts teams), may already have efficient collections procedures and so do not necessarily need that element included.

Confidential Invoice Discounting

With confidential invoice discounting the principal facility is no different to normal invoice discounting. The only change is when the finance provider collects outstanding invoices, they do so in the name of your business so your customers don't know you are using the service.

A dedicated telephone number is set up and phone calls are answered using your company name.

In addition to being discreet, 'confidential invoice discounting' is a viable means of asset backed finance, when certain debtors have a ban of assignment meaning the more traditional asset backed finance options are not applicable.