Why Use Invoice Finance


Why use Invoice Finance is a common question asked by companies, however, they it is used by businesses for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some of the benefits:

• Unlocks Cash - Invoice Finance enables you to raise cash against your business to business invoices, without having to wait weeks or even months for payment, whilst still offering favourable invoice terms to your customers.

• Improves Cash Flow - Unlocking case has a very positive effect on cash flow. Invoice Finance can help you manage the day to day running costs of your business more effectively so the better your cash flow position becomes, the smoother the running of the business.

• Saves Time - Invoice Finance can help assist or even eliminate internal invoice ledger management, saving you time. Time that can then be put to better use in managing the business.

• Flexible Facility - Invoice Finance and the limits of the facility you can be offered can grow in line with your turnover; the more you invoice, the more funding is available.

Invoice Finance can be used for what ever use your business needs it for, be it cash flow improvement, business growth, or asset purchase. The important bit is that your business has turnover to unlock.